We have to admit that, as the crypto industry becomes more popular and everyone begins to adopt this new currency into their daily life, the market appears to have a significant growth in the number of ways to earn crypto.

And while everyone is still getting used to play-to-earn, or move-to-earn, a new strategy is catching the attention of users, which now becomes one of the hottest trends in the crypto market, called Learn-to-earn.

What is Learn-to-earn?

To define it in a simple way, Lean-to-earn is the technique of rewarding tokens to players, who have learned about crypto. There are usually many forms of learning, such as video watching, quiz taking, and article reading.

The earned tokens will be used to trade in the competitive market. This also means, when you hold a number of tokens, you are considered the investor of that business, and you can use that to start your trading journey.

Why Learn-to-earn?

Basically, this is a win-win strategy. The learn-to-earn working process is app organizer receives engagement from users, while users can truthfully gain knowledge from the information and token provided by the app.

In conclusion, the token reward seems to be a big motivation for users to learn more about the crypto industry, through a variety of forms of learning. The company will also benefit from your trading using its tokens, which help them build its own community and raise higher exposure, also grow its reputation in the industry.

Where can you Learn-to-earn?

As we have mentioned, Lean-to-earn is leading the crypto models, therefore, it is not hard to find a crypto exchange that is conducting this kind of method. For example, Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, launches its Binance Learn & Earn, a quiz form of answering questions with topics focused on blockchain knowledge and earning tokens if answered correctly, have received massive support from users for its advantages.

Binance Learn-to-earn

Or Rabbithole, where users who engage with well-known blockchain protocols and decentralized applications are rewarded by the site. The best feature, which makes it simple for newer crypto players to use, is how Rabbithole breaks down each protocol into gamified activities for users to comprehend the application’s fundamental features. In exchange, the protocol receives more exposure and users, which helps it start its network operations.

RabbitHole Learn-to-earn

And HotQA, a crypto-powered Play-to-learn, Answer-to-earn platform that anyone can join not only to earn crypto but also to flex knowledge in an entertaining way. HotQA aims to be a community-driven platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment. Moreover, we are proud to design an app dedicated to everyone. Not limited to Blockchain and Crypto, a wide range of subject matters are created from General to History, Music, and Science, allowing players across multiple platforms to play together and develop multi-game modes to play anytime, anywhere.

HOTQA Learn-to-earn

Learn-to-earn leads the way in practical implementation.

Learn-to-earn is a feature where it is different from others. Based on its process, where it truly provides users the practical implementation into their daily life, and its impact on education.

Learn-to-earn is the perfect primary pack for crypto newcomers, as they not only reward people with tokens and teach them how to trade and be involved in the crypto market, but it also provides useful information through the way where it actually inspires people.

It is too soon to state that Learn-to-earn is the next big hit after Play-to-earn. However, due to its fast growth, benefits, and its application, and especially the downturn in the market throughout the year, this feature definitely will create a massive wave in earning crypto if being able to catch the perfect golden time.