HotQA: Re-definition about Trivia Game

HotQA: Re-definition about Trivia Game

HotQA – Enhance users experience about Trivia Game 

When mentioning the Trivia Game, people will think about a fun & competitive quiz game which is suitable for family and friends. Since the word “Trivia Game” was founded, most Trivia Games are just for entertainment but don’t help earning money. Except for some Trivia Game Shows like “Who wants to be a Millionaire ?”, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ?”, … which gives the player a reward after winning. 

Due to that, HotQA launches to become the next generation of Trivia Games – a place where players can both entertain and earn money just by their knowledge. Based on the source of Trivia Games, HotQA brings users to a “brain battle” and competes with other users in many attractive playing modes. Different from other Trivia Games, the project will combine with Blockchain technology to develop like a community-driven SoFi. So that HotQA is not commonly an app game for playing because it will connect people to build a strong community and help people earn money.  

HotQA - Enhance users experience about Trivia Game 
HotQA – Enhance users experience about Trivia Game 

With a huge innovation when combining two factors Trivia Games and Blockchain, HotQA makes people have a new aspect about Trivia Games by a new definition – Quiz-To-Earn. From now on, users not only experience a better quiz game with an up–to-date question bank but also are able to earn money by winning in-apps rewards (PEARL). 

HotQA brings lots of choice with many attractive playing modes

Not only about modern development, HotQA also focuses on user experience. HotQA’s team is very careful in building playing modes in order to make an exciting playground for users. 

HotQA’s traditional playing modes like Daily Challenge and PvP also contribute to making the project more diverse and attractive. Daily Challenge can help players earn PEARL tokens for free everyday and PvP will bring players into 1vs1 battle with other real players to earn more PEARL tokens. So that HotQA is predicted to become the most popular Quiz-To-Earn platform in the future by professionals.  

Beside traditional playing modes, the project brings users lots of unique playing modes that have never been seen in most Quiz-To-Earn projects: 

  • PvG: This is a place where a player can compete with a group of players to win a big reward. It will make a battle become more difficult because now you have to compete with not only 1 but 10 players. Especially, the players can host on their own and freely set up.
  • Live Trivia Game: This playing mode is the pride of HotQA. Live Trivia Game is believed to be the next generation of Confetti – the iconic Trivia Game which is the trendsetter in 2018. With Live Trivia Game, HotQA increases the difficulty of the game to extremely hard because the number of players are counted by thousands and certainly the reward for the winner is also very huge.
PvG and LiveTrivia Game are 2 unique modes of HotQA
PvG and LiveTrivia Game are 2 unique modes of HotQA


To sum up, HotQA is the project that will attract anyone who has a passion for gaining knowledge because of its modernized development and unique playing modes. Now the HotQA app is available in both App Store and Google Play so you can download the app at HERE to become one of the earliest app users and receive many gifts.

For further information about HotQA – “Play To Learn, Answer To Earn” please visit our website at HERE.

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