HotQA Playing Modes - What Things Make It Special ?

HotQA Playing Modes - What Things Make It Special ?

HotQA is not only attractive by its platform but also makes a huge impression by varied and unique playing modes. So let’s find out what things make HotQA playing modes special with this article.

Daily Challenge 

Unlike other GameFi projects which require you an amount of capital to start, users in HotQA may join without any fees. Instead of paying fees, we give you a free play everyday in Daily Challenge mode so that you can easily earn PEARL tokens for free just by joining Daily Challenge.

Especially, the amount of PEARL tokens that you earn will be based on how many correct answers you have. The more correct answers that you have, the more PEARL tokens you will earn.

With this HotQA’s Playing mode, you can earn free PEARL tokens everyday

PvP (Player vs Player)

This playing mode will help you earn more PEARL tokens by competing with another player. When you join this mode, you are required to bet an amount of PEARL tokens and the system matches you with another player. 

With PvP, you can earn lots of PEARL tokens by joining a 1vs1 battle with a REAL player. Based directly on the slogan “Play To Learn, Answer To Earn” , we want to make HotQA become a place where users can both gain more knowledge and earn a lot of money through playing HotQA.

PvP is the basic HotQA’s playing mode which take you to a 1vs1 battle

PvG (Player vs Group)

Basically, PvG mode will give you an opportunity to earn a large amount of PEARL tokens. In this playing mode, you will face a group of players in 2 ways: Ranking or Knock-out. With Ranking, the player with the highest score will win almost all of the bet tokens. And with Knock-out, the bet prize will be given to the last man standing. 

PvG is the pride of HotQA because this playing mode rarely exists in all projects. Our project aims to be a community-driven platform which connects players through players. So that PvG can help us to build a sustainable and strong community.  

With PvG, the battle will becom REAL hard !!!

Live Trivia Game (coming soon) 

This is the most enthusiastic playing mode that HotQA have created. When Live Trivia Game is officially started, it will become Confetti 2.0 and bring back the most popular platform in a definitely different way. 

Combined with Blockchain technology, it will make users have the best experience they’ve ever had before. With thousands of players, we believe that the battle will become more and more difficult. And HotQA will make the Quiz-To-Earn platform move to a whole new level.

Live Trivia Game is believed to become the next generation of Confetti

But the point that makes the Live Trivia Game become HotQA’s secret recipe is not by its huge prize. Because our project’s essence is a SoFi platform, gaining a strong and civilized community is the most important thing that we aim to achieve.  


To sum up, HotQA playing modes were built very carefully and comprehensively. By aiming to be an unique SoFi platform, HotQA connects people who have a passion with knowledge to become a sustainable community. And we believe our playing modes will successfully help us to develop in the right way.

For further information about HotQA – “Play To Learn, Answer To Earn” please visit our website at HERE.

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