February 22, 2024
Air-pril Fools by HotQA

Air-pril Fools by HotQA

The Next Airdrop: Air-pril Fools by HotQA 

After the success of the previous Airdrop “Love is in the AirDrop ”, HotQA continued to start the next airdrop named “Air-pril Fools by HotQA ”. With a total prize pool up to $50BUSD, this will be another dynamic event of HotQA

Detailed information about Air-pril Fools by HotQA 

Air-pril Fools by HotQA will be started from 31st March, 2023 to 7th, 2023 (UTC +7:00). The quest will be uploaded on SoQuest – one of the most popular questing platforms in Web3. After logging in SoQuest with your wallet, you can find HotQA Airdrop by searching in Campaigns. 

Like “Love is in the AirDrop”, the quest’s mission is very simple so that anyone can do it easily. Here is the information about the quest:

  • Follow @HotQA_Official on Twitter
  • Like a tweet on Twitter @HotQA_Official
  • Retweet a tweet on Twitter and mention @HotQA_Official and tag 3 friends on your Tweet
  • Subscribe @HotQA_Official Announcement Channel on Telegram
  • Join @HotQA Chat on Telegram
  • Download HotQA App and Sign up
Join “Air-pril Fools by HotQA” now on SoQuest (source: SoQuest)

After completing all the missions, participants will have a great chance to win a total prize pool of $50BUSD and Whitelist Slot to join Daily PvG by Lucky Draw (20 winners). So if you don’t want to miss an opportunity to get a prize for free, let’s join HotQA Airdrop now at: https://soquest.xyz/space/HotQA/campaign/mVdstOo7KX

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