Reveal The Reason Why Trivia Game Has A Special Attractive

Reveal The Reason Why Trivia Game Has A Special Attractive

What is a Trivia Game ?

The word “Trivia” is a Latin word that translates into “found everywhere, commonplace” . When Trivia Game was released, it was known as a fun and friendly-to-use quiz game which allowed players to battle with other players. 

Trivia Game gameplay is very easy to play because the player just needs to listen (or read) and give the correct answer. Trivia question’s fields are also very wide in order to make the game more interesting and varied. 

Trivia Game is basically an easy and friendly-to-play quiz game

Strength that make Trivia Game has a special attractive

Simple Gameplay

For a quiz game, it doesn’t require player skill to win the game. Instead of that, players just need a big brain and a good knowledge about everything to control the game. So that everyone can approach and play Trivia Game easily and all you must do to win this game is answer as many questions as possible. 

Enhance your knowledge

Not only give players an entertaining time, Trivia Games also help them to gain more knowledge through the game. Just by playing Trivia Games and answering the questions, players can have lots of knowledge in many fields.

This is the reason why Trivia Games get into the favorite list of both teenagers and parents. And it makes people have a better aspect about the word “game” because it’s not normally entertaining but helps players gain more knowledge. 

Beside entertainment, players can enhance their knowledge just by playing Trivia Game regurlaly

Ability of connecting people

Basically Trivia Games are made for a group of people to play and compete with each other. So that the game can’t be more suitable for family and a group of friends

Disadvantages of Trivia Game

Parallel to the strength of Trivia Game, it also have some disadvantages such as:

  • Lack of playing mode: Most Trivia Games have a few playing modes due to its particularity. So the player can be bored very easily because they have to play a mode day by day and don’t see any new experience.
  • Don’t have community connection: Trivia Games are usually played by family or a group of friends. That point makes it difficult to connect and build a community because its target audience is restricted.
  • Still an entertainment-driven platform: Although Trivia Games help players enhance their knowledge, it still likes other game platforms to satisfy players’ entertainment. In the modern day when Play-To-Earn is trending, some traditional games live Trivia seem very “out of breath”.
Due to its basis gameplay, Trivia Game can’t connect people to build a strong community

HotQA – Revolution of Trivia Game 

HotQA is believed to be the Next Generation of Trivia Games by professionals. The project still keeps the strength that makes Trivia Game has a special attractive and fixes its weakness to bring Trivia Game into a whole new level. 

HotQA- The Next Generation of Trivia Game

Combining perfectly two things: Trivia Game and Blockchain, HotQA gives users an experience that they never had before with the name “Quiz-To-Earn”. With HotQA, users can earn lots of money just by their knowledge through many unique and interesting playing modes. Moreover, HotQA has 2 special modes that make the game more challenging: PvG and Live Trivia Game

HotQA is developed to be a SoFi mobile App so that it is basically a community-driven platform which aims to build a strong and sustainable community. And it is the point that makes HotQA have a positive reaction to all users and specialists. The main reason HotQA was launched is to build a place for users who have passion with knowledge, not the profit.  

And in the past or even in the present, many Trivia Game Shows were created and made a huge impression on audiences such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ?, 1 vs. 100, Family Feud, … Even some of these game shows are franchised and populated in many countries. Because of that, HotQA has a huge opportunity to become popular all over the world due to its socialization. And this is also a strength for HotQA when it was developed to be an SoFi platform.

As a SoFi platform, HotQA will able to build a strong and sustainable community


Trivia Games is still a potential platform and many people believe that it will make a huge impact not in the game industry but in other industries like business, education. And professionals think that HotQA can turn this idea into a real thing with its innovation, modernization and up-to-trend platform.

For further information about HotQA – “Play To Learn, Answer To Earn” please visit our website at HERE.

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