February 25, 2024

Only1 will officially “launch” on June 29 after many days of hard work. The project also revealed its development plan for 2022, as well as a number of appealing new features, prior to its launch.

Only1 is the first Solana-based NFT social networking platform. Social media, NFT marketplace, scalable blockchain, and LIKE token combined. Only1 provides fans with a novel way to interact with their favorite creators.

In this Web3 social network, users can launch NFT memberpass and post only content for its members. Users can make money by connecting with content providers on Only1. Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, the Solana Foundation, and other organizations support Only1 in its mission to transform the web3 social space on the Solana ecosystem.

 Roadmap Only1 2022

Over the weekend, Only1 will detail how the LIKE token works to create a sustainable ecosystem.

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