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What is KyberSwap?

KyberSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator and liquidity protocol that achieves the best rates for crypto traders through blockchain technology liquidity aggregation, which allows users to swap tokens with capital-efficient and higher returns for liquidity providers in a short time.

What functions does KyberSwap provide?


As a DEX aggregator, KyberSwap sources liquidity from over 30 different DEXs such as Uniswap, Sushi, Curve, QuickSwap, Pancakeswap, Traderjoe, Pangolin, SpookySwap, SpiritSwap, VVS Finance and many others to achieve the best rates for traders. The combined total value locked (TVL) from integrated DEXs has exceeded $30B, with over 20,000 tokens supported. KyberSwap has successfully transacted over $4B in trading volume.

KyberSwap’s Dynamic Trade Routing algorithm aggregates liquidity, automatically searching multiple DEXs to identify and select the optimal trade routes and best prices for you on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, and other networks.

KyberSwap makes trading more efficient and saves time and money for thousands of users.


Liquidity providers are able to achieve higher capital efficiency and rewards on crypto-assets by staking LP tokens on KyberSwap. Each pool can have an amplification (AMP) factor that allows liquidity providers to achieve better liquidity and slippage with the same deposit amount.


dApp developers can integrate KyberSwap to allow their users to access the deepest liquidity and the best swap rates. This is open to any Dapp or DEX Aggregator. KyberSwap is already integrated by Dapps such as Coin98 Wallet, DEXTools, …


KyberSwap yield farming program, Rainmaker, allows users to earn rewards by adding liquidity and staking the corresponding LP (liquidity provider) tokens onto the eligible Rainmaker farms. Over $30M in yield farming rewards has been distributed, with more on the way.

Trending soon

Recently, the decentralized trading platform KyberSwap has launched the Trendosoon feature (you can find this feature in the discovery section). The tokens displayed in the Trending soon feature are applied algorithms, trading volume, market cap and on-chain data. However, these tokens do not have an uptrend right now but still have errors, the prediction is only a relative growth in the near future.

Token Allocation

  • Token circulation: 61.06%
  • Founders, investors: 19.47%
  • Company: 19.47%

Core Team & Advisors

  • Vitalik Buterin is a founder of Ethereum and Leng Hoe Lon is a co-founder of Shentilium.
  • Loi Luu, the CEO and CoFounder of the project, is a researcher in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency at the National University of Singapore (NUS).
  • Velner has a Master’s degree in Computer science from Tel Aviv University, specializing in research on game incentive theories in blockchain and formal verification of Smart Contracts.
  • Victor Tran is an engineer in building high-performance multi-platform applications.

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