Nothing, an emerging smartphone startup, announced a collaboration with Polygon to bring NFT to the company’s new product, the Nothing Phone smartphone (1).

This NFT project is called “Nothing Community Dots,” and it will airdrop NFTs from the investor community into the company in exchange for special benefits such as an invitation to the Nothing Phone (1) launch event on July 12 in London. 

Nothing Phone (1) is Nothing’s first smartphone, running the Android operating system, and it promises to breathe new life into a mobile phone segment dominated by many big names.

Another noteworthy point is that Solana recently announced the upcoming release of a smartphone built on the blockchain’s Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) technology platform. Although the specific configuration has not been revealed, Solana’s phone has piqued the crypto community’s interest, as well as hope for the potential to support Web3 mobile applications that Solana claims.

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