February 1, 2023

SL Benfica is on track to launch its fan tokens as it has inked a promising partnership with blockchain startup Socios.com.

Source: blockchain.news
Source: blockchain.news

As announced by Socios, Benfica will now be exposed to its growing community, numbering up to 1.5 million people, a figure representing the total number of users who have downloaded its app.

With the proposed Benfica fan token, the Portuguese club will become the first from the country to extend new opportunities whereby fans can become more knitted with the club. The fan tokens based on Socios’ model will enable fans to participate in their club’s governance irrespective of their geographical location. They can vote on Jersey choices, victory songs, and a host of other things that define fan engagement.

“Benfica is constantly focused on searching for and delivering a positive experience to our huge global fanbase, which includes both Members and Supporters. We have been paying very close attention to Digital Assets, a market which has been influential in our industry of late. We are delighted to be partnering with Socios.com, the ideal partner for developing our tokens and for bringing the worldwide Benfica family closer together,” said Domingos Soares de Oliveira, CEO of SL Benfica.

Benfica follows the step just like other major European clubs to get aboard the fan token ship, such as FC Barcelona, Juventus, and Manchester City, amongst others, notably amongst those who have opened their arms to the Socios model to bolster fan engagements.

Besides the revenue that will be generated for the club through the sales of the fan token, Benfica fans will also be gain exposure to exclusive benefits that are being introduced by Socios which includes its plans to grant as many as 17,000 fans tickets to watch live matches this year, as well as access to sponsor offers, and merchandise.