April 24, 2024

The following are detailed instructions on how to install and enjoy the HotQA application:


  • Register to create a new account or create a linked account with available platforms such as Facebook/Apple/Google/Metamask
  • This will be the official interface once you have successfully logged into the app

Currently, the application has 2 game modes including Daily Challenge and Play-with-Group (PvG).

  1. Daily Challenge
  • In Daily Challenge, players will get 1 free play for their first attempt. For each correct answer, the player will be rewarded with 1 HQP, up to 10 HQP for 1 play.
  • If players want to experience more of this game mode, they will have to buy 1 ticket equivalent to 4 HQP.

      2. Play-with-Group (PvG)

  • PvP also has similar gameplay to PvP. However, the game will have the participation of many people with the desire to win the Top 1 position.
  • There will be 2 game modes in PvG: Knock-out & Ranking.
  • In the Knock-out game mode, all players bet a certain amount of tokens to form a prize. The person who answered incorrectly will be forced to stop and can no longer participate in answering the next questions.
  • In the Ranking game mode, all players bet a certain amount of tokens to form a prize. Player with the fastest and most correct answer will win all bets placed by all players in that game.

Wish you have an enjoyable experience with HotQA Trivia!

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