December 1, 2023

The OpenSea platform of the NFT marketplace discovered that a partner’s employees had leaked users’ data to the outside world.

According to a post on June 30, OpenSea claimed that an employee of, an NFT trading platform third-party partner, “misused his access to download and share OpenSea users’ email addresses to external parties.”

All users who submitted email to the exchange, according to OpenSea, may have been impacted by the aforementioned move. Users whose emails were discovered to have been compromised received alerts from the exchange. In order to stop getting spam or phishing emails, users should change the email address that links to OpenSea.

This incident is being investigated by OpenSea and, and authorities have been notified.

The world’s largest NFT marketplace platform also provides users with a number of security recommendations, including:

– Be cautious when receiving emails from OpenSea to avoid being duped.

– Never download anything from an email from OpenSea.

– No response from OpenSea to a request for a seed phrase.

– Do not approve wallet transactions from OpenSea emails.

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