February 7, 2023

The crypto exchange launched the Coinbase Institute for crypto research and discussions.

Source: roi.vn
Source: roi.vn

Coinbase Global (COIN) has created a crypto-native think tank dubbed the Coinbase Institute to fuel ideas across the digital ecosystem.

The Coinbase Institute will publish research on crypto and Web 3, and plans to hold talks with policymakers and thought leaders across the industry.

The Coinbase Institute will contain a site for updates, primers and crypto issues. In addition, it will have a monthly insight report on digital asset markets.

Coinbase has also formed the Coinbase Institute Advisory Board and an academic partnership with the University of Michigan.

Hermine Wong, the director of policy at Coinbase, will be the director of the Coinbase Institute.

Cesare Fracassi, a professor at the University of Texas’ business school, will be the unit’s first director of economic research and chief economist. He is also a member of the Work Group on Blockchain Matters, a group formed by the state of Texas to help expand the blockchain industry there.

The advisory board consists of Christian Catalini, a crypto researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Marco Di Maggio, a researcher and professor at Harvard Business School; Vikramaditya Khanna, a law professor at the University of Michigan; Nagpurnanand Prabhala, a professor at Johns Hopkins’ business school; and Manju Puri, a professor at Duke’s business school.