February 6, 2023
NFT Marketplace trên NEAR Protocol
Source: Near.org

What is Paras?

Paras is a Near Protocol-based NFT trading platform focusing on Digital Art Card assets. Artists may use Paras to produce, issue, and exchange NFT goods in the form of tokens. The site is unlike other media NFT Marketplace platforms in that it concentrates on a completely different specialty.

Why is Paras different?

  • Digital Art Card

Instead of focusing on a single commodity like trading properties as Opensea and Rarible do, the initiative concentrates on card collections. In the style of NFT collections, artists might totally release work centered on the 1970s, 1980s, or historical novels, myths. This makes a difference since collectors now have access to the entire “NFT storybook” instead of simply a single NFT product. Paras, on the other hand, continues to allow investors to trade NFTs in the same way as normal Marketplaces do.

  • Bidding

The platform allows users to compete for the chance to buy with others by using Bidding. The sale will be approved as soon as the seller agrees. This is another aspect that draws consumers to Paras; as more people buy, the product becomes more valuable and attracts more customers’ attention.

  • Optimized transaction quality

For being built on the Near Protocol and IPFS/Filecoin, Paras inherited the advantage of transaction speed and fee. Instead of waiting hours for transactions to finish like with ERC-20, users will be able to adjust their delivery quality.

  • Staking

Holders can Stake Paras and earn part of the revenue from Marketplace.

  • DAO

Holders can participate in voting for feature changes or product updates.


Token use cases

  • Governance: PARAS Holders can participate in voting project development proposals.
  • Staking to earn Rarity Points: These points are used to upgrade cards, helping to improve the user-friendly interface.
  • Priority access to exclusive deals and events.
  • Users can use PARAS to purchase limited, exclusive NFTs.

Token metrics

  • Token Name: Paras Token
  • Ticker: PARAS
  • Blockchain: Near
  • Token Standard: NEP-141
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 PARAS
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token allocation

The PARAS total supply is 100,000,000, and is distributed as follows:

  • Community: 51% – Distributed to the community members through various community programs like marketplace and liquidity mining.
  • Team: 15% – Vested over 36-months (Start after token launch).
  • Investor: 15% – Vested over different periods of time (Start after token launch).
  • Reserve fund: 12.5% – For future programs such as grants, marketing campaigns, partnerships, etc.
  • IDO: 5% – Initial Dex Offering via Skyward Finance.
  • Airdrop: 1.5% – Airdrop reward to early users.
Source: Paras

Where to buy PARAS?

Users can buy PARAS tokens on MEXC and Ref Finance.


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In Q4 2021, Paras finalized the Bidding function; beginning in Q1 2022, the platform will improve interoperability with items such as games, comics, etc.

Core team members

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Members of Paras’ team have extensive Blockchain and Web 3.0 knowledge.

  • Ramah Albariqi: has a background in computer science and has been in the crypto-space since 2017. He won many hackathons from various web 3.0 projects, from 1 layer 1 protocol, identity network to decentralized storage.
  • Afiq Shofy: He is from the art industry, he previously worked for the National Gallery of Indonesia, now he is in charge of artist relations, collaborations and events.
  • Ahnaf Alfariza: He is an engineer with good design skills, currently he is in charge of design & user interface on Paras.
  • Irfinto: He has a strong background in security engineering and is certified to specialize in penetration testing, before that he worked for one of the leading e-commerce companies in Indonesia.

Investors & Backers



Q2/2021, Paras announced a partnership with Galaxy Online – an NFT-based game application on the Near network. This enhances Galaxy Online users to trade their items on Paras.

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