February 25, 2024

The on-chain data tool WhaleStats has shown that some of the top ETH 1,000 whales have purchased huge amounts of FTT and Polygon’s native token MATIC, as well as some Terra Luna, in the last twenty-four hours.

Source: U.Today

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market has gone green, with most coins, including the three mentioned above, increasing in value.

Large ETH holders continue to buy their preferred tokens.

Several of the greatest Ethereum whales, including the number four, have accumulated 4 million MATIC, worth $5,529,716 in cash, according to recent tweets from the WhaleStats platform.

Whale, who is rated 105 on WhaleStats, purchased 15,720,427 FTX Token (FTT) valued $637,148,906 on WhaleStats.

Source: cryptoinvestment.at

Whale number four purchased 135,000 LUNA, which is the equivalent of $6,725,700.

MATIC, LINK, and FTT are the crypto assets on which the top 1,000 Ethereum whales have recently bet and purchased a large number of these currencies. Earlier this week, U.Today revealed that whale 297 bought roughly 3 million MATIC tokens when the market fell.

Source: Crypto News

Another ETH whale added 2.3 million to their holdings on January 17, while an unknown whale shifted 3.8 million MATIC off Binance. The total value of these trades is $14.6 million.

Furthermore, an ETH whale rated 506 purchased $1.3 million worth of FTT over two weeks ago.


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